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Friday, October 4, 2013

"Walking into the Ocean", by David Whellams

Book 1, in Chief Inspector Peter Cammon trilogy mysteries

In his first novel, Mr. Whellams introduces his protagonist, a semi-retired Chief Inspector from Scotland Yard, a formidable investigator due to his age and experience and places him in unusual situations where his professionalism and personality are explored, we see a bit of the old Sherlock Holmes coming out of him.

The story starts on the cliffs of Dorset on an apparent murder-suicide. Peter is being deployed there to help the local force solve the especially sensitive case while they put all their attention in apprehending a serial killer. At first glance, it seems like an ordinary domestic crime, the perpetrator appears to have murdered his wife before drowning in the English Channel but Peter soon learns that this is merely a sideshow to a series of murders. Peter relentless follows the overlapping trails taking him from London to the island of Malta and this cliff hanger reaches its climatic confrontation back in England overlooking the cliffs of the Channel.

This story was way more complicated than it needed to be and took its merry time shifting gears and get going. I did like it at first but soon had trouble keeping my mind on track and I struggled through the remainder. I needed tolerance to reach the end, one of those books that took me for ever to read. The main plot was really bogged down with numerous explanations and side trips that I found my reading experience to be an arduous one. IMO, Mr. Whellams style of writing is too verbose and makes it difficult to stay engaged. The many characters come and go throughout the book and keeping track is a challenge, especially if your mind wanders. This said, the story isn't bad at all it just didn't capture my interest, it may yours.

This first experience may not have been the best I will nevertheless give the sequel a chance. Will see then……

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