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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Cliff Diver", by Carmen Amato

The Emilia Cruz Mystery Series

This edgy police procedural mystery takes us into the heart of Mexico’s drug war. It features Emilia Cruz the first and only female detective in the Acapulco. She is a strong Latina woman, although she has been a cop for over 12 years and 2 years as a detective she has to fight for every inch to stay on top in a squad room full of men that didn't want her and are trying by any means to break her but Emilia is a tough cookie and very good at what she does. 

The main plot is quite captivating, an adrenaline charge page turner at its best. Emilia is in charge of the murder investigation into the death of her shady lieutenant. This case is high profile and much pressure comes from politicians, other cops and the powerful union. Things are not easy: police files go missing and trails lead in multiple directions… there is even a kidnapping and connection to the cartel and some counterfeit money ….Emilia finds herself a pawn in an ugly game of corruption…… and feels like the famous cliff divers of Acapulco. 

As in all good mystery Emilia meets hotel manager Kurt Rucker and over the course of the story attraction between them quickly complicates matters…

This is excellent multi-layered story with various engaging twists and turns, vividly told through the eyes of a tough and vulnerable protagonist. This is a great and fantastic mystery filled with suspenseful and intriguing moments, all this against the beautiful backdrop of Acapulco. This story wouldn't be this good without great characterization and snappy dialogue. Emilia is the perfect sleuth at the top of the list and this would mean little if it wasn't for the excellent supporting cast, in which there are many. There is an extra bite, a sub-plot keeping Emilia looking for las perdidas, in “Hat Dance”, the continuing thread we will see how successful she will be… can’t wait…

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