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Sunday, July 15, 2018

"I Am Missing", by Ty Patterson

Book #3, in the Gemini series

We are following twin sisters Meghan and Beth into one captivating tale full of twists and turns as they bring us deep into the jungle of Vietnam looking into the disappearance of a man who exists and yet doesn’t. Cole Pattern is the client and says he is missing and wants the twins to find him….

Entertaining read as always. The story goes back and forth in time between the present and during the Vietnam War as the twins try to get to the bottom and find out what may have happened to their client. Fast-paced, full of action, betrayal and lies and two protagonists that can’t stay out of trouble what more can we ask. I am grateful the author always includes some background regarding his characters without overwhelming us with too many details so we can situate ourselves or pick up the series at this point.

This adventure is thrilling and one hard to put aside. Once into it I just zipped through it in no time totally immersed not only with the twins’ saga but with the descriptions of Vietnam during the conflict. Tunnel rats at work and what they had to endure made for a fantastic read. Well-written thriller, populated with exciting and warm characters and an exciting plot.

Well done Mr. Patterson thank you for providing a copy of this book

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"The Assassin", by Mark Dawson

Book # 4, in the Isabella Rose series

This latest is one fascinating story where we are plunged into constant action and are overloaded with visual details. Mr. Dawson knows how to draw his readers into a plot filled with excitement and enticed them with charismatic players. Isabella and Maia are kick-ass characters that take center stage and entertain us from the opening page till we reach the slam-bang finale.

Both are assassins have been together for a year now it is time to put their dangerous plan to action……cunning, wit and everything comes out in this thrilling story. Although it is a fascinating one it quite stretches credibility but is fun to read. Mr. Dawson pushes his plot at a hectic pace through a world of unsavory characters and delivers a gripping page turner.

This story is all action and very violent at times, definitely not for the faint-hearted. To match the mood we find a dialogue that can be quite colourful at times…. We have loads of supporting characters some recurring and some new players to treat us. But don’t worry if you pick up at this point this latest story stands well by itself.

Mr. Dawson provides maximum excitement in all his series. I am a fan for many years now and have enjoyed all of his series. He is quite a storyteller.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Thomas & Mercer via NetGalleys

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"Remember Tokyo", by Nick Wilkshire

Book #3, in A Foreign Affairs Mystery

“A Foreign Affairs Mystery” is quite a different type of mystery; it gives us a very Canadian twist to immerse ourselves into and one charismatic main player, Charlie Hillier, to follow. I love to see how he manages to jump the multiple hurdles he has to face in order to do his diplomatic job.

After leaving Russia on his last posting as consular Charlie is sent to immerse himself in a truly foreign culture….Tokyo …watch out ….Charlie is not your ordinary consular.

After his misadventures both in Havana (book#1) and Moscow (book#2) Charlie wants to play low key but he is soon drawn into a case of a young man who winds up in a coma after a car accident….or maybe it wasn’t an accident after all?...Charlie is definitely a magnet for trouble and in “Remember Tokyo” he finds more than can be imagined. Along the way in this fast-paced mystery we have colourful details of life in the city: crowded metro system, food and the polite culture and custom…. including the corruption that is lurking at every corner.

This series is one of my favourite. Charlie may be a consular but he has great investigative skills and a strong and loveable personality. The protagonist not only faces ruthless criminals in his day to day job he also goes beyond all means helping expatriates in distress. Trying to shift truth from deceit and get to the bottom of what happened without causing an international incident is a feat in itself for Charlie…..but of course things rarely turns out the way he plans….what a thrill we have following him through another wonderful journey. And as in the previous novels, to help with his case is a beautiful woman to be smitten of and… to eventually leave behind once he is reassigned to another post….or recalled home…sometime in disgrace.

I agree with those saying this is a well-plotted travel-crime novel with great characterization and I love how diplomatic rules are not one he complies with rigidly….well-done.

I received this ARC from the publisher Dundurn Press via NetGalleys for my thoughts

Friday, June 29, 2018

"Black Diamond Death", by Cheryl Bradshaw

Book #1, in the Sloane Monroe Mystery

This is a refreshing and original mystery that has a good balance between action and detective work. The theme of this novel surrounds the real estate business and most of the players are one way or the other involved in the business or are in law enforcement. The main character, Sloane Monroe, is a private investigator and we follow her through this simple but captivating case as she pokes her nose into other people’s business…

I was captivated by this easy and fast moving saga where Sloane is hired to find who may have wanted Charlotte Halliwell dead. The investigators deemed her death accidental, one of the many accidents seen on the slopes of a ski resort. But Charlotte’s sister says otherwise and wants Sloane to get to the bottom and find the killer.

This mystery kept me guessing till the end where the truth was uncovered. This story is not taxing. The language is simple yet well done and to the point. I enjoyed passing time reading how Sloane did her investigating. Nothing is what it seemed and with the twists that kept derailing her at every turn, determined Sloane kept going. She is one feisty P.I. that will get her man or woman….. and along the way will give us hours of entertainment.

Ms. Bradshaw spins a good story with good characterization. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

"A Cold Dark Place", by Toni Anderson

Book #1, in the Cold Justice series

This is a mix of suspense with a strong romantic undertone. My first experience reading this author was quite enjoyable although I am not too keen on being overloaded with sex scenes, in “A Cold Dark Place” we do find quite a bit.

One of the main players is FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney who is searching for a serial killer and happens to stumble on evidence of a vigilante at work and Alex Parker, a security consultant, who plays the part of an assassin hired to eliminate serial killers and pedophiles. The two meet and risk everything when they fall in love……awe….

Although this is mostly a suspense driving story, the sizzling romance just spices the enjoyment. Time your reading well and this dark and intriguing plot will have you turning pages to see what comes next. The entire story is dark and edgy and is written to emotionally engage us. As it progresses at a steady tempo, we have some twists and turns along the way to keep us on our toes. This mystery flows well and the style is not taxing. Good characterization: Mallory and Alex are perfect for each other….awe….

A very entertaining story…….