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Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Racketeer", by John Grisham

The author admits in his notes that this new novel is a work of pure fiction more than usual and nothing said is based on actual events. With this in mind this unique and tightly drawn thriller features an African American as its main protagonist. “The Racketeer” is definitely a departure from Mr. Grisham normal legal novels. The story is more about reformation and revenge with insightful description of the legal and penal system. 

Malcolm Bannister, a dubiously lawyer convicted of money laundering and serving a 10 years sentence in a federal prison. Malcolm continually proclaims his innocence and blames the FBI for his wrong incarceration. When Judge Raymond Fawcett is murdered along with his secretary he sees the ideal opportunity to use Rule 35 to have his sentence overturned. This scheme is the starting point for a long chase that keeps Mal’s trickery a few steps ahead of the game……what follow is a cleverly orchestrated series of twists and reversals. 

The plotting is a complex scenario and every piece of the puzzle is held together with a strong narrative that never wavers. We have a satisfying and engrossing thriller with many enjoyable aspects: my preferred is how Mal’s masquerading as an independent documentary filmmaker was able to circumvent the FBI.

This is another page turner with excellent characterization delivered by an expert hand….

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