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Friday, October 25, 2013

" A Man Without Breath" by Philip Kerr

Book 9, in the Bernard Gunther Mystery

It can get enough of this author’s wonderful imagination. His novels although in good part fiction have a chilling authenticity to them. Each story is based on actual events that happened during the horrible years of the Nazi Germany. Through his words he brings back to life the monsters who committed evil acts against humanity.

The year is 1943, Bernie working for the German War Crimes Bureau is sent to Smolensk to bring light on the unsettling reports of a mass grave found in Katyn Forest, a wolf has unearth human remains validating the claim. Finding the truth is not always what the “High Muck-a- Mucks” want to hear….and Bernie will soon be caught in very difficult situations and scarcely escaping the noose……(Short and sweet summary to pique your interest, a most captivating read)

With skills this novel set the scene of the Russian massacre of Polish officers and resuscitates German leaders to make a very grimly and realistic plot. This layered historical novel and murder mystery starts as dramatically as it ends and offers startling revelations about the life under the Third Reich. This is an engrossing story that examines the brutality at its most horrific and smoothly portrays the despicable inner circle of a regime. It further explores what Mr. Kerr’s expertly excels in: portraying the complex moral dilemmas of an immoral society and this from Bernie’s point of views. This installment is a page turner and a great addition to a very interesting series.

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