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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"The Templar Legacy", by Steve Berry

Book1 in the Cotton Malone series

This novel can join the many growing stories surrounding the legendary Knights and the secrets they withhold and have guarded with their lives for so many years.

It opens with Cotton Malone a former covert agent for the department of U.S. Justice visiting his former boss, Stephanie Nelle. He learns that she has been on a quest to find the Templar's "Great Devise", intrigued, Cotton decides to join her.

Action starts when Stephanie is accosted by a purse snatcher and a subsequent wild foot chase causes the perpetrator when cornered to commit suicide. Action increases even more when Stephanie realizes the notebook she received under mysterious circumstances is the real target of the thieves and possibly holds the key to the Templar's fortune. Tensions are raised another notch when a modern day Templar and his followers make Cotton and Stephanie their prime targets, each have their own objectives. Danger lurks at everyone corner as their paths cross...The suspense prevails till the end...

M. Berry created a likable modern day sleuth in Malone but unfortunately Stephanie is a bit too naive to be credible considering the job she has, the characterization could have been better developed. I liked the plot, it is fast-paced, exciting and has its fair share of twists and turns. The narration is great and the addition of humor to the dialogue is a plus.

This is a gripping tale that could be quite controversial for some. It gives a modern day twist to a clandestine society, The Templar's, a group that controlled kings and popes and possessed a staggering amount of power and wealth. The writer comments on the historical accuracy in his notes at the end.

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