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Friday, October 30, 2009

"Taking Stock', by C.J. West

This suspenseful fiction plunges the reader into the greedy financial world where people in power have no shame and no remorse embezzling money. If you are attracted by stories in today’s press of high-stakes thievery, fraud and corruption you will enjoy reading “Taking Stock”.

I was hooked right from the start, glued to every word and totally captivated by the development. This page turner was very hard to put aside. In a few words this is the tale of Erica Fletcher, a computer whiz whose job is to set up and develop a new program to facilitate transactions in the world of money management. Unknowingly she is being setup by her boss Brad to be the prime suspect in a scheme defrauding the investors of the “Boston Management Firm” of an estimated 200 million dollars. When she discovers the vulnerable position Brad and his powerful allies have placed her in, she must use her expertise to outwit and outsmart and expose the real Teflon criminals.

We have brilliant characterization; Mr West has developed his players with pizazz making each one easily identifiable and mostly believable. Other than the main characters, some important ones are: Sarah, an auditor, who unwittingly assists Brad and sets her venomous sights on Erica, Stan, a man of ethics, an assistant and trusted ally of Erika, needs to prove her innocence, Gregg, the customer services manager, has a hopeless crush on Erica and will do anything for her, and finally Herman…I will let the reader discover him... This is only a sample of the very engaging cast of characters.

Out of all this author’s novels to date, I favor this one by far. The action and suspense keep the story in steady motion; there is not a dull moment. This is as good as it can be. Well done Mr West, I am looking forward to reading your next novel

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