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Friday, October 23, 2009

"A Demon Awaits", by C.J. West

Book 2 in the Randy Black series

The novel picks up where "Sin & Vengeance" ended with a recap of Randy's brutal arrest.

Beaten to within an inch of is life by officers left unconscious and heavily sedated in ICU, Randy's mind goes into overdrive with barbaric visions that he will endure for the rest of his life. While recovering, these grueling visions never leave Randy and he decides to make amendments and searches for forgiveness. But the author has other intentions...

The thriller becomes exciting and the pace picks up when Randy trying to reform only manages to slip deeper into a world of crime. With his creative writing Mr West cleverly takes his readers on a wild journey where Randy and trouble are synonymous. Haunted by his past he is manipulated by his attorney, the cops and the judge, who have their own agenda. Randy is trapped with not one to trust but Cassie, a reporter.

This novel has a strong and intriguing cast of characters most have an evil side; it is wonderfully narrated to provide a tone that gives a fair share of mystery. The main plot sets a fast pace, sub-plots add intrigues that cover many issues: such as opinions on how to deal with violent criminals and the conflicts created by the different beliefs of Islam and Western religions. The ending has a tender side and opens the door to a future drama with a romantic overtone.

The author will surely throw us a different spin in the next saga. What else will happen to Randy!!!! Seems nothing is predictable.


CJ West said...

What a great review. Thank you Toni. I'd be glad to answer questions if your readers have them.


Toni Osborne said...

Thank you C.J. for dropping in, I do appreciated positive feed back,of course I find quite wonderful you being here on my blog so open to answer questions for the readers.