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Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Rules of Deception",by Christopher Reich

Jonathan Ransom, book1

This is an exciting thriller, it has everything: a likable hero facing enormous amounts of danger and scuttling out of it, exotic locals with amazing settings, an over the edge story that will keep you turning page after page.

The prologue is slow to start, then, what appears to be a butterfly flying around a high-security compound is discovered to be a mechanical device…the alarm is sounded…..

Next we meet Jonathan Ransom and his wife Emma both serving with Doctors Without Borders on a ski trip in the Alps. Both risk takers, they encounter severe weather and an avalanche sweeps Emma to her death. Jonathan has to face insurmountable odds to determine what happened, only to find out that his wife has been leading a double life as a spy.

In this first rate fiction, we follow our hero in his quest to dig out the truth about his wife. The numerous characters we encounter along the way are colourful and engaging. The story is sharply written, sophisticated and suspenseful giving us a few surprises on the way. The plot unfolds skilfully, with never ending chases and many miraculous escapes, various murders, double-crosses and lots of deceptions.

Things were a little dramatic at times, implausible but it made for an exciting fantasy, James Bond’s style.

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