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Friday, October 21, 2016

"Zero", by Ty Patterson

Book #8, in the Warriors Series

This series is a must to be read in sequence in order to know how the secret black ops first got together and how they progressed through the times without wondering who is who and what goes where. Although I do not recommend it, “Zero” can also be quite entertaining as a standalone thriller if you wish to skip the previous installments. Book 8, as in all the previous novels starts strong and keeps the heart racing and the reader on edge throughout.

Zeb Carter and his crew with FBI agent Sarah Burke are once again the main players in this fast pace highly explosive story which centers on terrorist holding hostages captive in a hotel and the kidnapping of two high profile boys. Lots of fighting techniques, computer jargon and minutia details shows how the author knows his subjects and enjoys relating his knowledge through his exciting and captivating drama. The novel is well- constructed to be quite visual and believable. Although the plot is complex, it is easy to picture and follow what is going on. It is a heck of a story and a great mystery that keeps its secret till the very end. A bit of love in the future may come next for one member of the team….who knows what Mr. Patterson has in store for his characters. I really like the characterization they are well-developed and far from being static. Surprises over surprises are in the making I am sure….. Till next time….

Another tense and thrilling adventure I enjoyed and glad to add to my library.

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