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Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Far Horizons", Kate Hewitt

Book #1, in the Emigrants Trilogy

This is a great historical romance novel that will resonate with anyone who is in a long distance romance situation. The premise is based on true events and enhanced with wonderful and colourful tales inspired by Ms. Hewitt creativity. “Far Horizons” is the story of two people who love each other but are separated by both distance and duty.

The story opens in the Highlands of Scotland, the year is 1819. Allan MacDougal and Harriet Campbell are in love but unfortunately Allan and his family were leaving Scotland for Canada and Harriet was to stay behind till the MacDougal were settled down…..

Slow for a kick start but once Allan left for Canada the pacing was more aggressive and the story more interesting. Following the characters is a bit of a challenge but once you settle into the tempo and place each one as they appear telling their version of events then everything falls into place and we can easily trust forward although this may be very confusing and distracting for some. The emotional story reflects the “Harlequin” style the author’s is so well known for with much emphasis on the courtships and feelings of the characters. Although this is book 1 in a trilogy everything wraps up beautifully and leaves no loose ends. Book 2 is set 10 years later, is a great choice for anyone to pick it up or not.

“Far Horizons” gives us simple style, clear narrative, clean dialogue, interesting characters and a good story for everyone to enjoy.

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