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Friday, July 1, 2016

"The Turkish Findings", by Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki

Book 7, in the Society of Orion series

A Colton Banyon Mystery

To read this book you have to set your mind that the premise if so far- fetched and so imaginative that one needs to put reality aside and let our mind travel into a sci-fi adventure that is out of this world. In this latest: the Sumi have begun their immigration to earth and the blue men are faced with some stiff resistance. Meanwhile, the Forever Ours team is resting in Casablanca unknowing that their organisation has been infiltrated by the Sim team, an ultra-secret group. When Banyon discovers this, with his team, he faces a big challenge to eradicate the intruders.

I have been reading the Colton Banyon series for some time now and enjoyed off and on the escapades the mysteries offer. This one takes the prize of being totally wacky and by far the most nonsensical the Kubickis came up with but to be honest it also gives quite a ride with its colourful and vividly described attack scenes. In the past we had a flavour of the past adding a touch of historical value (not much but some) here I missed seeing any (what a bummer). This drama was pure fantasy mostly sci-fi.

Yes of course we have fast-paced action and some suspense in the development although everything is quite predictable. The narrative and dialogue haven’t changed, it was as I expected: simple, to the point and short chapters. Bayon and his gang play a small part this time all action is centered on the attack on the Sumi in Cambodia. Not much is happening in Turkey but to set the next and final stage in “Sumi Collusion” book 8. I am happy to see this series coming to an end. I prefer a more down to earth drama……Some you win and some you loose….

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