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Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Jet:Ops Files", by Russell Blake

Book # 0.5, in the Jet series

This is the first prequel to the Jet series, that leaves us wondering how many prequels are in the planning….apparently at least two more may be needed to document Maya’s adventures before she became Mossad’s most lethal operative. “Ops Files” is an essential read and a good introduction to the character and is also mine to the author as well as to the series.

Maya Weiss is a ruthless, superhuman female James Bond and of course she is 100% fiction but what a character she makes and what adventures she is facing. From the West Bank to Tel Aviv to Jordan to Singapore to Indonesia, packed with action from page one “Ops Files” is a breakneck adrenaline rush from start to finish. What an escapism, leave your believability barometer behind and enjoy the moment.

What a fun read, I was just in the perfect mood for a fast-paced, super-spy action thriller with breath holding moments and a storyline very hard to put down. Some may think the action is comic like but it definitely knows how to keep us engaged with vivid scenes. Sharp dialogue and tight narration makes this book an easy read. The plot is typical but very well done.

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