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Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Hecate's Moon", by Carol Anne Dobson

Set in North Devon at the end of the 18th century “Hecate’s Moon” is a colourful story of love and treachery based on legends and the goddess Hecate. It is also the sequel to “Storks in a Blue Sky” another wonderful read I enjoyed immensely.

As in the first book, the literary style reflects the period and is the old fashion romance type with all the frou-frou we can imagine. I noticed from the start that this latest follows the same pattern and beat as its predecessor although with new players and a fresh plot. I admit at one point wondering if I 

was rereading “Storks in a Blue Sky”.

Don’t expect sex scenes we have none but what we have is a strong plot written with passion, a steady flow all through, a mystery to intrigue us and characters to love and hate. The obligatory witchcraft, poisonous plants, moon and magic are not forgotten and the mention of the French revolution is also a topic that runs throughout. The author doesn’t stay there she has injected a bit of Jewish folklore and some pretty powerful images of smugglers, pirates and kidnappers….This story covers quite a range of activities.

“Hecate’s Moon” has a less mushy approach than its prequel but nevertheless has a romantic side to soften the hearts…..aw …..

My thanks to Ms. Dobson for providing a copy of her book.

This is the way I see it, my thoughts have not been influence in anyways.

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