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Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Desecration", by J.F. Penn

Book 1, in The London Psychic trilogy

Set in London England this mystery/thriller features detective Jamie Brooke and psychic researcher Blake Daniel. In tome 1 Jamie investigates the murder of an heiress whose mutilated body was found at the Royal College of Surgeons. 

Morbid to no end, this story has a most original topic of life and death. As the two protagonists delve into the macabre world of grave robbery, body modification and genetic engineering we explore the dark side of human behavior and depravity. The story is harrowing, shocking and very graphic. Although highly fictionalized, the drama deals with unique themes of dissection and teratology. The author not only tried but did capture the feeling of horror and one’s reaction to tortures, body parts and the use of plastinated cadaver for art. It is also evident the author’s obsession with the supernatural and the macabre: flesh dissected on a person laying on a table….creepy. Exploration into vivisection and Mengele’s interests in genetic are also themes well covered. Intensive research was put in the making of this story.

Putting this aside, Ms. Penn has taken great liberties with Jamie as an investigator and her side kick the psychic. Their joint effort was captivating and offered an eerie journey I rarely take. I loved this book simply engrossing and totally fascinating. “Desecration “is richly written, has strong characterization and has a hell of a story to tell.

Although I received a copy from the author “This is the way I see it” and in no way was I influenced by the offer.

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