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Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Treadmill", by Warren Adler

“Nothing like a good mystery when you’re hitting the gym” I totally agree with Mr. Adler assessment when he wrote these words. “Treadmill” is a thrilling read, only a master storyteller could come up with a suspenseful and unique story where the plot keeps circling back to a Gym.

DC seems to be Mr. Adler’s city of choice to set his imagination in motion. Although this time none of the players are politicians we still find the atmosphere to have a very political tone. It opens on a treadmill, Jack Cooper, recently divorced, finds a lot of comfort in his daily routine at the gym working out alongside others, Mike Parrish is always there on the machine beside him….till one day Mike simply doesn't show up. His disappearance is the catalyst that precipitates events that we follow in this page-turner.

And what a page-tuner it turned out to be, cover to cover of lies, cover-ups, political machinations, deceits etc. not a dull moment and very suspenseful once on the move. This scenario is one that slowly pulled me in but once hooked I was done, hated to put it down so anxious to see what course this thriller would take. What came next did not disappoint, the outcome was unpredictable till the few last chapters when everything led back to the Bethesda Health Club. Now about the characterization, I don’t know how people are at gym but in “Treadmill”, Mr. Adler gave his cast a haunting and surreal behavior.

“Treadmill” is a winner one that can easily migrate from page to screen

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