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Thursday, April 16, 2015

"A Dubious Secret", by Gerald J. Kubicki

Book #2, in the Colton Banyon Mystery

This is a series I have been reading out of sequence although this is definitely not the ideal way to understand the progress into the characters’ mind-set, I never felt cheated or lost not knowing what came previously. Each book is working quite well as stand- alone, so no worry if you pick up books out of sync. 

“A Dubious Secret” takes us on an adventure of a missing copy of Mein Kampf, the manifesto by Adolf Hitler. Once more Mr. Kubicki provided a page turner that mixes a bit of history into a highly imaginative plot for our enjoyment and he does so expertly. The very suspenseful story sends Colt and Loni on an incredible journey filled with Japanese Yakuza and Nazi enforcers hunting down our two protagonists. We find action, mystery, a budding romance, many twists and unpredictable turns to keeps us interested and flipping the pages. Of course there is this mystical touch showing up with Wolf and we discover more as the story moves along about the mystery behind Colt’s ghost mentor. In this 2nd installment we get to know the characters slowly and what makes them tick.

“A Dubious Secret” has a captivating story with all the elements needed to make this a heck of a great read: good characterization, excellent dialogue and amusing storyline. I noticed while reading that this earlier book is richer in style, has a less futuristic and sexually oriented scenario that is found in the later installments.

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