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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Edyl-Island of Immortality", by Mark Capell

Book 2, in the Edyl series

This futuristic tale leads us on into a very spooky maze were we find a scientific discovery to be in the hands of totalitarian mind-reading government. Every year WOCO (the world government) nominates people to compete in the Edyl Olympiad, the prize is immortality and the right to live in the world’s most beautiful place…..

Freaky and entirely original I admit to this, but did I like it, my verdict is: not really, not to say this is not a good read, for some it will be for me this whole drama was way too far- fetched and I never managed to get hooked enough to enjoy this concoction. R77K is a though reader who delves into the minds of a rock singer, an athlete and a mechanic and reports his findings to his handler. The whole story is a sort of mind tug of war between the players and is the meat of this sci-fi. To appraise the selected candidates, determined their fate is all about control…. What is anticipated on Edyl is of course not found (very predictable outcome)…...and is the start of many problems and mysterious happenings…

Some more of my likes and dislikes all mixed:

As in his previous novels, Mr. Capell style is smooth and flows beautifully to the end. We also have a diverse and a fun set of characters facing powerful forces. This story is entertaining in many ways but IMO it missed the appeal a good psychological suspense/sci-fi brings. There are no twists that I care to remember but sci-fi is what it is…..highly imaginative totally ridicule and freaky to no end. What else can I say?

This one was definitely not my cup of tea…..but it may be yours…..

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