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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Diablo Nights", by Carmen Amato

Book #3 in the Emilia Cruz Mysteries

I am totally hooked and I have been looking forward for more ever since I read “Cliff Diver”, the first book in this captivating series. Not only is the 3rd installment an excellent addition to any library it is most of all a great companion to enjoy for many hours.

Ms. Amato fluid style of writing is so visual and realistic it is hard not to be mesmerized by Emilia Cruz, Acapulco first female detective, while she overcomes challenges after challenges in a world filled with threats, one deep into Cartel violence, corrupt cops and gang war. To bring the readers to speed we have tit-bits in Emilia’s past involvement and enough information on each character to feel at ease and enjoy the drama. There is no time wasted, right from the opening page we are plunged into intrigue and endless action. With sharp and witty dialogue the author brings to live police-procedural and Acapulco crime scenes. To lighten up things humour and romance are masterfully weaves into the mystery. What shines the most is the characterization. Emilia is a kick-ass, no non-sense individual who is deeply religious and very close to her family. She is often tormented by the horrors she comes across doing her job. There are a few secondary players but the best are Kurt, a gringo whose steamy relationship with Emelia is a treat to follow, the love-hate one with Franco Silvio, her cranky partner, and the highly frustrating rookie she is tasked with.

In this latest, the deadly combination of a religious relic from Mexico’s Cristero War and a cruise ship murder propels Emilia into a maze of drug and smuggling and revenge killings. Acapulco is not only a city for tourists with beautiful beaches and a majestic blue ocean it is also home to hookers and thieves and Emilia has to juggle her way around all of this.

Well-done, another excellent read.

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