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Friday, November 1, 2013

" Hat Dance ", by Carmen Amato

An Emilia Cruz novel

Without any doubt, this new series will be a hit. “Hat Dance” follows “Cliff Diver” and continues the same exciting detective story that had me totally captivated from start to finish. The plotting is so realistic you would think the author has taken her inspiration right out of the news and pitted her protagonist against both Mexico’s drug war and culture of machismo. 

In this latest Emilia will deal with both an arson investigation as well as tracking down the whereabouts of a missing girl from her neighborhood. 

This story opens with a wall of intrigue and suspense when high end restaurants are being targeted by arson. Who is behind these attempts is what makes this caper a thrilling ride through the pages, seeking the answer and not finding it till the very end is what makes it most exciting. Of course Emilia and her partner will pursuit their quest for the truth and justice will prevail……or will it…..This is one adrenaline charge novel with multiple unexpected twists that never slows down. “Hat Dance “is a riveting read populated with a strong cast of divers and interesting characters. Their involvement has snared my attention from the get go and I devoured every word, (OK I am pushing the envelope but I urge you to give this author a try and see how her creativity is not only unique it is also very addictive.)

This novel is as good and as entertaining as “Cliff Diver” but if you missed the first no worries, Ms. Amato has smoothly filled in the necessary background not to leave anyone behind. 

Ms. Amato is becoming fast one of my favourite authors.

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