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Monday, November 11, 2013

"A Conspiracy of Faith", by Jussi Adler-Olsen

Also under the title “Redemption”

Book 3, in the department Q series

The two previous novels had politics and money as their main topics it is of no surprise to find in this latest page-turning psychological thriller Detective Carl Morck and his team from Department Q pinned down by reclusive religious sects.

As the previous novels it was a hard book to put down. The story relies on psychological insight, a complex and intense plotting and nonstop action to maintain suspense up to its climax. Although the heart of the story may be gruesome the author lightens the mood with well-placed humour and along the way we get to know the protagonist and the other players a bit more. We have a very compelling main plot and as in all thrillers we have a side plot to distract and confuse us a bit. I like the characters they are far from being stereotypes and come across quite genuine. This is the most convoluted novel created by Mr. Adler Olsen so far alternating several points of view as the story shifts among characters and time period. 

The main theme concerns a professional kidnapper who preys on families austere religious sects, exploiting their reclusive nature to ransom two siblings at a time without the police being notified. 

This is a thick book over 500 pages it kicks off when one of two kidnapped brothers held captive in a boathouse sends out an obscure note in a bottle with an urgent plea for HELP written in his blood. It took years before it eventually washed ashore and reached the hands of Department Q. This message is a puzzle they need to decipher and the hunt solving the mystery reaches outlandish proportions and somehow clues emerge slowly just to tease us till the next installment.
It is a tough read although well-worth it.

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