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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Mexican Rose", by Alex St.Clair

House of Cartels Trilogy, book 1

This first installment depicts how easy one can be pulled into the blood soaked world of the Mexican drug cartels where the worlds of organized crimes collides with the politics on either side of the U.S. Mexican borders. Along the way we are taken on a spiritual journey of passion, adventure and romance.

Setting the stage is Rosa Rios Del Valle, a housewife, teacher and activist seeking her husband’s murderers. Vengeance soon takes over and with her drug addicted sister Mercedes, they criss-cross the Mexican landscape from Acapulco to the Mayan Riviera. In Tulum, Rosa seeks the aid and advice of Tamara Castro, a healer and psychic. Their quest leads them to Ponchis, a brash young under the wings of La Familia, the most prominent of the cartels. Rosa and Mercedes soon find themselves in the middle of the Cartels’ turf battles.

The storyline recreates a climate of fear, violence and murder with an abundance of action, sex and drugs. It is a captivating, educational and realistic way to peer into the Mexican cartels, a world better experienced in words than in life. The plot moves at a steady pace and is quite intense at times, although I did find some passages to be a tab repetitious and tedious to read. The characterization in down to earth and quite believable, to root for the main character, Rosa, and cheering for her as she takes revenge is so easy to do. The subject is thought provoking in its honesty and truthfulness and may not please everyone.

“American Beauty Destroyed”, the next instalment, is on my watch list. It promises to be in depth soul searching voyage for Rosa and I am looking forward to reading it.

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