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Monday, April 8, 2013

"JFK: Endgame Dallas", by Allen Peppitt

This unique story brings one more spin to the greatest conspiracy generator of the 20th century: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is definitely a risky business mixing real people, places and events into a novel when the subject has been dissected multiple times and many of us are still alive to remember this terrible tragedy.

Synopsis is taken from the publisher’s site:

JFK: ENDGAME DALLAS: Is there a future in raking up the past? Time traveler, John Youngblood thinks so. That’s why he has come from the 22nd Century to the time of the assassination of JFK. Armed with previously unreleased files, he aims to right some historical wrongs.

Helping him are womanizing lawyer Rufus Jones, and feisty Darlene Andrews of the Dallas PD. For them, you could say it was "love at first fight." But when destiny takes a detour, they fall for each other as events unfold and they get dragged dangerously into the conspiracy.

My thoughts:

This novel is a fantasy and definitely quite original in many ways. To say I enjoyed this vividly imaginative tale would not be truthful nevertheless my curiosity pushed me to stick with it till the very last page. The story started a few weeks before the deadly November day with a time traveller parachuted 300 years back in time. This person dropped in Dallas as if he always lived there, befriended Rufus and Darlene immediately, even in a fantasy this scenario sounded totally improbable. From then on the story unravelled in a very choppy narrative switching back and forth to different cartoonish events, everything peppered with terrible humour (IMO). The clunky dialogue played an important role in the weird sample of romance between Rufus and Darlene or maybe I felt the author was trying too hard to sound Texan. I didn't like the characters, they were more caricatures than anything else and the known figures were in names only with no active roles to play. My thoughts may be harsh but this is the way I see it…..

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