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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Kill Alex Cross", by James Patterson

Book 18, in the Alex Cross series

I have been a faithful follower of the Alex Cross series for many years now and I am always looking forward to reading what he has in store for us next. In this latest saga, things have been turn up a notch, it is faster and a little more exciting. 

The story opens when the President’s son and daughter are abducted from their school. Contrary to the wishes of many other influential people, the President requests Alex, a man who has not let him down in the past, to be the lead investigator. Alex is well-known to go the extra mile and think outside of the box to get favourable results under extreme circumstances.

Just as Alex seems to have the case of a life time on his hands he is drawn into other sub-plots. Terrorists are wreaking havoc in Washington D.C, they have assassinated the Secretary of State and at the same time they are tempering with the city’s main water supply. On a personal side, Alex’s grandmother, Nana, brings home a street child whose criminal action will eventually lead her to becoming a family member.

The plotting is a rollercoaster ride that progresses rapidly through short chapters and brief dialogue, it seems the newer the novel the more condensed the chapters are. However Mr. Patterson is well-known for his simple and entertaining style. This time to topic is based on terrorist activities with some neat twists to captivate us. Some of the players are your classic stereotype terrorists, their actions are somewhat predictable. They continually bad mouth the U.S.A. and when caught or have completed a mission they are perfectly willing to become martyrs for their cause and in this tale cyanide capsules are the recipe of the day. The recurring characters as well as Alex and his family haven’t change much in a long time however Ava who is being introduced as new member will surely change the dynamic of the family. 

I have mix feeling about this series but I seem to always come back to see what’s new.

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