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Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Champagne for Buzzards", by Phyllis Smallman

Book 4, in the Sherri Travis mystery

This has been an ever pleasing series right from the start and is still on an uphill curve. The characters are the driving force and are continuously fine-tuned to keep up with each new adventure they face. I like this series for its sharp and funny dialogue and the smooth seductive way the author brings you into the heat of the action. The writing is precise and to the point and comes across in a Southern manner: slow, laid back, drink in hand enjoying the moment style. In this latest tale there is a dark side it focuses on sexual predators and slave labour.

In this story, Sherri is planning a surprise birthday party for her lover, Clay Adams, at his newly acquired Riverwood ranch located in Independence. It has a reputation of nasty horses and seven foot snakes.

Sherri is quickly introduced to Florida’s back country and its darker side. It can be as mean and unforgiving as the seedy side of any big city. The discovery of a body in the back of her pickup and suspicions that their psychotic neighbours may be at the root of this is an introduction into a whole new lifestyle. Sherri will quickly become up close and personal with a volatile situation that is quickly spinning out of control. Her nature is to be hands on and pro-active in order to find out what is really going on, all this really inflames her neighbour, Boomer Breslau. When he finds out he is up against a feisty female he vows not only to kill her but everyone in Riverwood. The peaceful setting of the ranch is chattered with the frequent sightings of highly modified all-terrain vehicles, armed to the hilt and hell- bent on revenge at any cost. 

This is a very entertaining story, one you can breeze through in no time and enjoy every moment.

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