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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Slash and Burn", by Matt Hilton

Book 3, in the Joe Hunter Thriller series

If you are looking for an entertaining, easy to read action packed story, do not look any further, this series showcasing Joe Hunter will certainly live up to your expectations. Joe is definitely the man to have on your side when things go south and drastic measures have to be considered.

The story opens when Kate Piers shows up at Joe’s Florida beach home and reveals her sister Imogen is missing and may be in serious trouble, she is in desperate need of help from someone with the expertise Jo has acquired over the years. He is well-known for his success rate and his ability to thrive in this type of situation. Since Kate is the sister of one of Joe’s buddies from the Special Forces he has no second thoughts, a family member in distress always has priority.

In the first few pages, Kate and Joe travel to Imogen’s Kentucky home, but as soon as they arrive they are targeted by thugs representing Robert Huffman, Imogen’s former employer and local businessman with ties to organized crime. We are quickly plunged into a tale of non-stop gunfire, Steve McQueen type car chases (Opps I am showing my age) and fistfights. Imogen has become a liability, she knows too much and Huffman will leave no stone unturned to silence her and now the appearance of Kate and Joe complicate matters even more, throwing a monkey wrench into Huffman’s plans.

This book may be violent and on the gory side at times but it goes with the territory when we need an adrenaline fix. There is not a dull moment, in their quest to find Imogen, Kate and Joe face plenty of life-threatening situations and shady characters and when things get so hot they need help, Joe knows he can always count on his buddies from the Forces, Rink and Harvey, to cover his back and even the odds. As the action and the body count rises, suspense intensifies and putting the book aside becomes harder and harder. I was hooked to the end.

Joe Hunter series has a plethora of tough characters. The theme is refreshing, dramatic and well-constructed with plenty of twists and turns to captivate any reader. Mr. Hilton has the perfect recipe to engage those who thrive on this type of action.

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