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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Hawke", by Ted Bell

Book1 in the Alexander Hawke series

 “Hawke”, is a twenty first century pirate tale which takes place on the Caribbean Seas near the island of Cuba. This action adventure thriller introduces its main character, Alexander Hawke, as a rich English aristocrat Spy working for both the UK and US governments. The main emphasis throughout is based on intense action scenes and the showdown is a classic case of revenge in over drive.

 Soon into the story we have a strong sense of déjà vu, scenes that mirror strongly those of Ian Fleming`s James Bond are frequent. The book is very predictable, it is a rip-roaring tale with plenty of stereotype clichés, unbelievable characters, and exotic machinery and out of this world action sequences. This fast- paced adventure was quite exciting and held my attention till the very last page.

 The stage is set with seven year old Alex witnessing the gruesome murder of his parents by pirates while on a sailing trip in the Caribbean. We are then fast-forwarded thirty years and Alex is send back to the Caribbean on a covert operation to find a stealth submarine armed with all the latest gadgets and believed to be in the hands of unstable militants planning a coup d’état on the Cuban government and a threat to U.S. interest in the area….. It is a race against time...

 This novel gives you quite a wild ride into the world of fiction.

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