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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Undone", by Karin Slaughter

Also published under the title "Genesis"

Book 1, in the Georgia series

Fans will surely be pleased with this thriller, Ms. Slaughter's new series joins well-known characters from her other two bestselling series to create a captivating and suspenseful saga that will without any doubt become another addictive read.

The story opens with a car accident and the woman injured being transported to the trauma center in Atlanta. The attending physician, Dr. Sara Linton soon discovers most of the wounds were not caused in the crash but rather appear to be the result of torture, brutally administered long before the car accident. With the Doctor's medical assessment it is obvious there is foul play involved so, Special Agents Will Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell are assigned as lead investigators in the case.

A search near the accident site reveals the woman was not the only one held captive and tortured so the hunt for second victim is launched with the hope she may be somewhere near by.....When a third woman with the same physical features is abducted in broad day light, there is no time to waste, it becomes a race against time to see what the connection is between them and track down the serial offender before other victims surface. Hindering the case is an ongoing turf war and lack of communication between them and the local police force.

One of the riveting aspects and key elements are the mood setting and detailed descriptions of the abductees and what happened to them. The characterization is striking and is one of Ms. Slaughter's strong points; she creates realistic protagonists showing their strengths and weakness and never holds back when describing their emotions which can be quite intense at times, this goes a long way in creating a strong atmosphere. This story is very suspenseful and superbly plotted with many twists and turns that are totally unpredictable. This is a recipe guaranteed to please most readers and the cliff- hanger ending left me hungry for more.


Brasil said...

It is hard to review Undone objectively, because like many of her readers I was very angry with Karin Slaughter at the conclusion of Beyond Reach. Although Undone is marketed as a Grant County novel, the only connection to the series is Sarah - Undone feels more like the start of a completely new series. As a standalone novel Undone is Slaughter's best work in years. The atrocities inflicted by the bad guy are truly horrific, and the book is painfully suspenseful throughout its 400+ pages. As with her portrayal of Lena, Slaughter proves herself masterful at creating complex characters who are deeply wounded and personally flawed, but able to exorcise some of their demons through their work.

The only thing that bothered me about this book was the ending. There was a Batman-style cliff hanger at the end that left me feeling that I was being manipulated into buying the next book. After sticking with Slaughter following Beyond Reach I thought as a reader I deserved better. However, if I put myself in the shoes of a new reader who had not read any of the previous Grant County novels I imagine that I would not be so bothered..... like I said, it is hard to be objective.

Toni Osborne said...

I haven't read many of her books and none in the Grant Country series so there you go now you know why I enjoyed this book.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts I always enjoy an another opinion.