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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"The Bricklayer", by Noah Boyd

1st novel in the Steve Vail series

Noah Boyd's debut thriller is truly exciting, some described it as an explosive and truly spectacular entrance into the world of thriller novels; I couldn't agree more with their assessments. The author, a former FBI operative himself, provides the sparks, colour and the gritty details to make it a most captivating and stunning read filled with non-stop action.

Steve Vail is the new man in town, an ex-FBI agent whose job was terminated 3 years previously for not following the line. His handle "The Bricklayer" comes from his new job but his old profession is the one dearest to his heart.

The story opening is highly cinematic with bank robbers being thrown through glass windows. It proves to be an explosive start to a roller coaster-ride that entertains the reader to the end. The storyline moves briskly with FBI deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon persuading Steve to take back his badge and assist them in finding a rogue agent suspected of absconding with two million dollars of federal money. The agent went missing while delivering a ransom to the "Rubaco Pentad" gang; a group that has already killed some prominent people and threatens to continue unless their demands are met...Steve accepts the challenge and when the gang learns the FBI has a new member they request he make the next drop. Steve runs into a myriad of obstacles that have him jumping hoops with astonishing ability.....His Rambo action mixed with Jack Bauer's agility has him narrowly evading all traps. The final plot twist is a script right out of "Mission Impossible".

This hyper action novel is a little farfetched and rather ridiculous at times but I found it highly entertaining. I like the interaction between the two main characters; it has a romantic tone of a 40's film noir. I can see endless possibilities in the bond between Steve and Kate. The pacing of this multilayer plot is very well done; there are just enough twists in the suspense to keep the reader on the edge throughout. This is a solid first novel and I am looking forward to reading the next installment "Agent X"

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