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Friday, October 1, 2010

"Shadows and Strongholds", by Elizabeth Chadwick

This novel is a convincing and captivating historical fiction set in 12th century England. The tale follows the life of Brunin FitzWarin and is written creatively to pique the readers' attention and immerse them in a suspenseful medieval epic.

It opens with Lord FitzWarin taking drastic action and sending his 10 year old son Brunin to serve as a squire to his trusted friend and ally Joscelin de Dinan. Lord FitzWarin knows his son is at a turning point and needs to overcome the shyness that is holding him back. Joscelin de Dinan is the right person to groom him and teach him the fine art of knighthood.

The mentoring turns Brunin into a strong young adult and his close relationship with Hawise, Joscelin de Dinan's daughter, changes from childhood play to trust and admiration and eventually romance...Oh! those pesky medieval hormones...... Brunin weds her before joining his father and father-in-law on an upcoming battle with King Stephen in a quest to keep Henry of Anjou on the throne.....

While away at war, the two families suffer, a Welsh invasion seizes the FitzWarin estate and de Dinan's rival asserts his claim on Ludlow.

The fast-paced plots are captivating and the writing delves deep into the emotions of its characters. It provides an interesting look into medieval feuds and the deadly rivalry between those in power and those seeking power. A veritable page turner chronicling adventures, courage and love.

"Shadows and Strongholds" is a romantic story, loosely based on facts and events told by troubadours of the time.

I find this time period very interesting and I am strongly entertained by Ms Chadwick's take on it

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