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Friday, October 1, 2010

"The Ghost War", by Alex Berenson

Book 2 in the John Wells series

The follow up to "Faithful Spy" is a smart and captivating spy novel of tic and tack scenarios between rulers of two powerful nations vying for ultimate control and on the brink of war.

The action moves quickly and the author triggers many different plots at the same time. It opens with an American destroyer accidentally ramming a Chinese trawler killing students on board and triggering strong nationalism and hatred towards the U.S. . Beijing quickly goes into crisis mode and its people are rallied into a state of mind where action overrides good judgement. Chinese authorities spurred by its people, take drastic measures further inflaming the situation. A power struggle ranging between the leadership of the Chinese military and the civilian wings adds even more volatility......

Mr Berenson true to his style and with his clear writing , injects complexity and intrigue in his sub-plots by involving the Taliban, a North Korean spy and shady people willing to turn against their own for the right price. The action is very intense and is vividly portrayed using military jargon, at times distracting but adds flare and colour. The protagonist, John Wells is developing nicely into a super hero ready to do everything for his country. Many other supporting characters although not as loveable as John play an important part in this thriller.

Mr Berenson , has the knack of being able to grab the attention the readers to the very last page through his highly captivating portrayal of events. I am sure the author has other exploits for John, and I am looking forward to them

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