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Friday, July 16, 2010

"Pirate", by Ted Bell

Book 3 in the Alexander Hawke series

I love this series, it is brilliantly written it contains more action and suspense then one can dream of. Not a dull moment in this thriller.... Step aside James Bond....

The characters are very well presented. The main character Hawke is smart, wealthy and talented. A super hero that executes every task flawlessly and often single-handedly, he carries off impossible escapes, he is cool and collected under the most extreme circumstances and of course there is often an exotic fair maiden to rescue from the hands of evil...Oh! the perks of a super hero.....Recurring characters are Stokely Jones, Hawes right hand man also the smart and lovely Inspector from Scotland Yard Ambrose Congreve. Hawes latest villains are: Hu-Xu, a creepy cross-dressing assassin and Luca Bonaparte, a ruthless man whose ambition is to restore France to its super power status even if it means making an alliance with General Sun-Yat of China and a German shipbuilder. The three have something big up their sleeves, it will have a devastating effect on another sovereign country. Of course there are many other ruthless characters adding suspense and intrigue.

The multi-plot story starts with a bang when the Chinese seize an American spy. Alex's mission is to rescue him before the Chinese can obtain vital information through brutal methods of interrogation. Another exciting plot brings Stokely Jones to save Jet from her evil boyfriend (the shipbuilder). Naturally two plots are never enough for Mr Bell to juggle. Simultaneously he has Ambrose Congreve in New York interviewing witnesses of a high profile murder committed in France decades ago. Are you starting to see the links?...it is quite a ride.....In the end everything is tied up neatly.

This multi-faceted mystery is exciting, captivating and so far fetched it is totally unbelievable....but what a great read for thrill seekers.

Each novel in this series can be enjoyed individually

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