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Friday, July 16, 2010

"The Fat Mexican", by Alex Caine

The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos

"The Fat Mexican" refers to the club logo -- a chubby cartoon character who wears a sombrero and is armed with both a knife and a gun.

In his first book "Befriend and Betray", Mr Caine relates how in the early 80's working undercover he infiltrated the Bandidos MC and gained their trust. The author has a first hand knowledge on how gangs are organized and maintain their power.

In this, his second book, he analyses the events that led to and triggered the massacre that took place April 2006 on a farm in the town of Shedden, Ont. Evidences eventually led to a conviction of six members and associates for the slaughter of eight bikers, four have since launched appeals.

The war started when a junior member of the Bandidos hijacked a truck that caught his eye. Things quickly turned ugly when senior members of his gang realized the truck and its valuable contains belong to one of their arch competitors. This fractured a delicate truce between rival motorcycle gangs. Mr Caine narrates a complex story backed with facts and describes the complicated and cruel world of bikers.

In addition to talking about the Shedden killings the book provides a detailed history of the 43 year old club which has grown to global proportions since 1966. They have chapters in the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Australia, in Canada the remaining Bandidos have since "patched over" (switched allegiances) to rival motorcycle clubs. They may have changed colours but they are still around.....

The book unearths the politics, the rivalries and the violent history of the Bandidos and their battle with the Hells Angels, their arch rivals. It is a chilling, gritty and remarkable story. Canadians will appreciate and can relate to this book it was gruesome headline news, others who are drawn into the motorcycle club phenomena will also find it an exciting read.


Julian Carsini said...

If you want the REAL story of what happened, read THE BANDIDO MASSACRE by PETER EDWARDS.I was an associate of the Bandidos "No Surrender Crew" and Edwards has uncovered the truth. Alex Caine was hired by one of the defence teams during the pre-trial, and when they realized his information was sub-standard, they did not keep him on for the trial.


Julian Carsini

Toni Osborne said...

Thank you Julian I surely will read it.