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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Ignorance of Blood", by Robert Wilson

Book 4 in the Javier Falcon series

This is the last novel in the quartet. It is based around the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attack bombing described in "The Hidden Assassins"

Detective Falcon had publicly promised to find the perpetrators of this outrageous event. His investigation ground to a halt until new leads surfaced with the death of a Russian gangster in a very nasty motor accident. The discovery of millions of Euros in the vehicle adds fuel and intrigue to the investigation....

Intricate plotting plunges the reader into suspense with Falcon suddenly immersed in the middle of a turf war over prostitution and drugs. Now the target of the Mafia, his multi-faceted investigation will also bring blackmail, kidnapping, espionage, political corruption and terrorism to the forefront.

The story is very complex and concentration is needed to keep up with the mix of characters we encounter along the way. There is an awful lot going on and you will need to remember names, places and events. The challenge is mind stimulating and rewarding.

As the story moves forward, parts of Falcon's past personal and professional enhance the story. The author provides enough background details that even without the knowledge of the earlier novels, it is easy to follow. Although it is best to have read them.

Mr Wilson's thrillers are based on his characters and are plot driven. Unique in his genre, I find the depth and complexities of his writing mind bending and quite addictive. I am looking forward to the next series although I will miss Javier Falcon.

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