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Friday, May 28, 2010

"Fractured', by Karin Slaughter

Book 2 in the Will Trent series

This is a crafty and suspenseful crime fiction tackling sensitive themes such as sexual abuse, violence against women and vulnerability of teens that are targeted by sexual predators. The novel is narrated in the third person in a tone that is tense and captivating stimulating the reader's interest.

There is a lot of action right from the start; it opens when a mother comes home to find a killer standing over a body mutilated beyond recognition. She immediately thinks it is her daughter and the tiger within her is released. How far will a mother go for her child? The outcome is quite shocking.....

Special Agent Will Trent now teamed up with detective Faith Mitchell is called to look over the crime scene in this affluent Atlanta neighbourhood. There, they discover that the Atlanta PD has unprofessionally compromised the scene and in haste has incorrectly identified the body. Who is this unfortunate girl and where is the young Miss Campano? They soon realize they have two cases to solve and it is a race against time......

Along with the main plot, the writer also develops the professional relationship between Faith and Will and their childhood baggage also plays an important part in the story. The protagonist Will is intriguing; his deepest secrets are a never ending battle with dyslexia and a need to keep up with everybody. He is also a man prepared to overstep the boundaries to get results. Faith on the other hand resents him for what happened in the past but nevertheless is determined to make things work out between them. The author has expertly developed the dynamics between these two characters; they make a good and interesting team. Hopefully we will see them in the future.

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