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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Gone Tomorrow", by Lee Child

Book 13 in the Jack Reacher series

No doubt, this gritty and gripping suspense will plunge fans of Reacher into this high octane thriller with its never ending action. Once again Reacher is larger than life.

The story opens with an attention grabbing train ride on the New York City subway at two in the morning. Reacher is sharing the ride with five other passengers; four seem unassuming but one is displaying those tell tale signs of a person about to do the unthinkable...could she be a suicide bomber?

Concerned, Reacher interferes triggering a manhunt of many different groups each with their own objectives. A race played out in the complicated labyrinth of streets in Manhattan. Long time readers know that once involved, Reacher and only Reacher decides when it is over...always riding a fine line between conflicting sides he takes the reader on a wild ride....

One surprise after the other makes this novel exciting, the action is breath taking with some of the violence tacky at times, some raw and some a little far fetched. With a tight and well structured storyline Mr Child brings back memories of past and more recent terrorists and political events. His protagonist is always plunged into the heart of the action. The dialogue is heighted with a New York flair and we find Reacher a more dynamic character than he was in the last novel.

This is one enjoyable and captivating novel. .

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