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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Cold Terror", by Stewart Bell

How Canada Nurtures and Imports Terrorism Around the World

I encourage every citizen of Western countries, especially Canadians to read "Cold Terror". Mr Bell one of Canada's leading reporters on national security and terrorism has courageously presented evidence in this acclaimed book, exposing events taken from classified intelligence documents, front line accounts and interviews to inform Canadians about terrorists living in their country.

In his book he recounts many incidents that happened around the world involving Canadian terrorists: the most talked about are: the 1985 Air India bombing, the 1991 assassination of Indian prime Minister Gandhi, the 1993 World trade Centre bombing, the 1993 assassination of Sri Lankan President Premadasa, the 1995 attack at the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad and the killing of tourists in Egypt in 1997and the truck explosion that killed 100 in Sri Lanka the same year, the Bali night club bombing in 2002 and the 2003 attack in Riyadh.

The book doesn't stop there it also provides examples of terrorists taking advantage of the liberal immigration and refugee policies to enter Canada, most of us will remember the better known: such as the Canadian leader of the Tamil Tiger Mr Suresh, Issa Mohammed who took part in the assault of an El Al airliner in Athens in 1998, Essam Marzouk responsible for the training of the bombers of the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 and Ahmed Ressam who was caught at the Port of Angeles border trying to get into the US with a carload of explosives determined to blow up the L.A. airport.

In one chapter, the author went to great length recalling multiple incidents credited to the Khadr clan. Describing how Ahmed Khadr exploited to its maximum his Canadian citizenship and the CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) to support the Al-Qaeda jihad.

Another chapter was dedicated to the Jabarah brothers, two young men that were brought up and educated in St.Catharine's Ont and responsible for the Bali bombing and other exploits. All this helps to confirm Mr Bell's opinion that Canada is a safe heaven for terrorists, not only by phony refugees but also by landed immigrants and worse by citizens.

According to Mr Bell, CSIS and the RCMP were reasonably effective at monitoring the activities of the terrorists groups but lacked support from Canadian politicians who refused to acknowledge the magnitude and the seriousness of their threat to the world.

After reading this book, if you are not mad and frustrated by the complacency of the government representatives I would be very surprised. Hopefully the views of the Canadian Leaders have changed since the publication of this book in 2005...

This is one impressive and chilling account that reads like a high octane thriller.

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