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Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Day of The Vikings", by J.F. Penn

Book 5, in the Arkane series

Although this novella may be the 5th of a series of thrillers it reads perfectly as a stand-alone and the adventure can be enjoyed if the topic interests you.

The story is fast paced and is one to leave us on the edge from page one as we follow the main characters Dr. Morgan Sierra and Blake Daniel on another thrilling ride. This time our heroes become trapped in a terrorist attack on the British Museum of London where they will witness ritualistic murder by Neo- Vikings.

This story is an exciting blend of fiction and facts although where the author’s imagination took over is really up to historian to say. The plot is gruesome, fast moving and exciting. The author’s magic touch brings to life ancient mysteries and turns folklore into an out of this world experience, although a tad of improbability is also chiseled into it to captivate us. The story is vividly described and is very visual a sure sign that Ms. Penn love her subject. We are also whisked across the British Isles with fine details and rich words.

Not being familiar with Neo-Vikings and their rituals did not hinder my enjoyment although I must say that this series as yet to win my heart but is slowly doing a good job in trying to.

The author has graciously provided this book for an honest review. My thoughts have not been influence by the offer. This is the way I see it.

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