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Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Firewall", by Andy McNab

Book 3, in the Nick Stone series

By now we know our protagonist has a rich backstory and that he will moonlight taking tasks that seems easy at first in order to pay for his adoptive daughter’s S4, 000 weekly hospital treatments. An easy task or so it seems: snatch a Russian mafia kingpin in Helsinki and bring him to St. Petersburg is his latest mission.

As always the snatch goes bad in fact very bad and we find ourselves in throat clutching action, over the top scenarios described with spectacular precision, in fact too detailed for my taste. Said in the first person of Stone, in the present tense and as he sees it, Nick is constantly moving from point to point and believe me when I say it is tiresome….The story rarely slows down always two guns and a knife with him he takes part in combat, blows up buildings and faces numerous challenges….and the body count mounts. Enough said I am sure you get my drift. At some point the story does stray towards the unbelievable but we really want Nick to succeed and get the funds needed to help Kelly is 7 year old daughter.
Reading “Firewall” is a bit tedious at times but if you like good proficiency in tactic operations you will be well served here. If you plan to visit Estonia you will soon be deterred by the description of the bitter landscape.

Good story but not my preferred

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