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Friday, March 27, 2015

"Saving Ben", by Ashley Farley

This contemporary mystery main aim is to highlight the special bond between siblings and to bring focus on the many struggles one can experience during college life. This is a haunting tale of love, loyalty, anger management, substance abuse and betrayal.

Ben and Kitty are the primary players but Emma is the character to watch for. She is Kitty’s bitchy roommate who brought havoc between brother and sister. Without her this story would not have been quite captivating she is portrayed as a complete psychopath. I love mystery but this one is a bit too soft for my taste, the first half is mainly the set-up of college life: the setting, atmosphere and the relationships, etc. The second half is more dramatic and moves along at a better pace but the suspense is kind of lightweight and the development so predictable I became anxious to see the end. Having said this does not mean it is boring, on the contrary it is quite a sentimental journey.

This lively story is told from the perspective of young adults. The portrayal of friendship and the strong characterization is where this story excels. The dialogue is somewhat stilted although I did overcome noticing this after a while. How Ben slowly spiral out of control, starts drinking, does drugs and argues all the time is especially well represented. The serious problems concerning anorexia as well as family issues are also at the forefront. There is something to please everyone even a murder scene for the mystery buffs to enjoy.

This book should appeal mostly to older teens and young adults and to older adults who which to reminisce about their days in college…

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