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Saturday, January 10, 2015

"The Heist", by Daniel Silva

Book 14, in the Gabriel Allon series

This series has managed to stay fresh time after time and after fourteen stories not only it is getting better and better as it moves along it has also kept up with the high expectation we demand as fans. Daniel Silva is definitely a master spy crafter that anticipates what we want, knows how to provide every bit of excitement from the get-go and never fails to entertain his readers. I agree with everyone saying this latest has to be one of the best if not the best so far.

This 14th caper is not only a fun read it also has all the elements I love in a thriller: a great plot, unique characters and a range of emotions within the words. Gabriel is on his last commission before becoming the head of the Israeli Intelligence Agency. In the first part of the book Gabriel spends some time with his wife doing what he loves best restoring a painting. But soon this serene time is disturbed by the death of a man suspected to be a purveyor of stolen art. Who else can be the perfect investigator but our debonair Mr. Allon….. In the second half of the book Gabriel masterminds a scheme to seize monies stolen by the Syrian government. As in many other novels Gabriel has always time to visit his first wife and the scenes with her have always been heart wrenching and this latest follow the same pattern.

“The Heist” is more than a spy thriller it also dabs into history, gives us a sample of art restoration and provides some insights into illicit activities, here we have looting and selling of stolen art for the enrichment of dictators.

This thriller is a page turner and very hard to put down. Enjoy.

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