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Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Washington Masquerade", by Warren Adler

Book 8, in the Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series

This is my first experience reading this author and my first book from this series. Although not always a good idea starting with the eight installment, there were no issues in doing so. I immediately felt at ease not knowing anything about the protagonist or her previous adventures. Since the author doesn't linger on the past and goes straight to his plot with no fuss, bells or whistles it is an easy story to get into and enjoy the hours spent reading this high class suspense mystery.

“Washington Masquerade” is a complex and interesting police procedural that takes the paranoia in Washington to a totally different level. The protagonist, Fiona Fitzgerald is the daughter of a senator and a Washington homicide detective. She is with her partner Izzy tasked to investigate the death of Adam Burns, a prominent Washington Post columnist and a strong presidential critic.

Adam Burns was wearing a disguise when he was pushed, jumped or fell in front of a subway train. Half the book is dedicated to figuring out why he disguised himself and by the time the investigators unravel the clues I had a really good idea what may have happened and who may have been behind his demise. I couldn't wait to see if I was right or wrong. Along the way we have law enforcement rivalries, the media sharks looking for a good take, the partisan and political interference and all the good stuff we may visualize happening in Washington. I like Fiona, she is an odd bird, a strong character used to get her own way and not very politically savvy. Both the main plot and sub-plot are quite interesting and the setting is none other than fascinating. Do not expect a fast moving deployment this story is as slow as snail, quite repetitive but nevertheless captivating from start to finish.

I enjoyed my first experience and I am looking forward to read more of Mr. Adler’s creativity.

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