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Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Refuge", by N.G. Osborne

Book 1, in the Refuge Trilogy

“Refuge” is a touching, timeless and unforgettable love story set in the mystical and seething city of Peshawar, Pakistan. This story was inspired from experiences working as a young aid worker teaching school in an Afghan refugee camp and the author’s words truly shines throughout this wonderful book. Although a fiction this novel seems quite real.

This brilliantly romantic drama showcases a world where the right to love is lethal and freedom for women is non-existent. The author’s superbly evokes the atmosphere and intrigues of a city where everyone has their own agenda. This story is more than entertainment, reading between the lines I couldn't help but to reflect on what is important in life. How different conservative Islamic world is to ours. This world is such a dangerous place where nearly every man carries guns, where a war rages nearby and where nearly every woman hides behind burqas. If we think women have a hard time you be surprised to read men have an even worse one. 

“Refuge” is the perfect title. In the story the main character Charlie provides a refuge for the Khan family, a place in his home where they can feel safe. That is where Charlie and Noor Khan share their emotions and be honest with each other. So this classic love story takes us on a perilous journey through Pakistan and Afghanistan…..

“Refuge” has a riveting and well-developed scenario. Its pacing is brisk, full of nerve racking action and populated with wonderful multidimensional characters. If you can surmount the idea that this novel is riddle with old clichés and being hung dry at the end (cheap ploy) you should enjoy this page turner. I am looking forward to“ Resilience” its sequel.

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