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Saturday, July 12, 2014

`Fuzzy Navel`, by J.A. Konrath

Book 5, in the Jack Daniels Mystery

This is Jack’s fifth outing and once again we are taken on a roller coaster ride where the protagonist is plunged into emotional highs and lows into a scary story with no way to escape and nowhere to run.

This book is nonstop action and very suspenseful. The next eight hours will be the worst of Jack’s life and for shock value we have more insane scenes that we can wish for. Again we have another story that is part murder, part mayhem, as a generous splash of humour and an intriguing cast of characters. What makes this latest drama captivating are the players, some we met in the previous novels and added is a mix of three snipers who started by avenging the rape of one’s wife by killing sex offenders but eventually things turn horribly wrong when one vigilante aimed and killed a cop and enjoyed doing so…. Of course our main players Jack and Herb show up and from then on everything is in overdrive with no time for a breather. Actually I found it overly done and mid-way got tired of the endless shooting. Page after page, short chapter after short chapter this cartoonish freak show of violence is told through each player as it moved along.

Although this is a rather shallow story with no depth I still managed to have a fair enough time and an occasional good laugh. Softening the tension somewhat are the wise cracks and the clever dialogue and I was most grateful for this bit of retrieve otherwise I may not have reached the end. This one is far from being a favourite but having said this I plan to keep up with this series “Cherry Bomb”is next on the list.

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