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Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Crisis Four", by Andy McNab

Book 2, in the Nick Stone series

This series follows Nick Stone a very clever, ruthless and effective EX-SAS trooper hired by the British Intelligence on the most dangerous operations. In this mission he is tasked with finding and eliminating one of their operatives, Sarah Darnley.

Reading this book we have to keep in mind that it was written prior 9/11. This is a story filled with lots of action and suspense as well as death and betrayal.

A glimpse into the story:

Nick hunts Sarah down in the wilderness of America and soon finds himself involves in a scheme masterminded by Osama bin Laden targeting U.S. President Bill Clinton, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Leader Yassir Arafat while the three leaders are going to be in Washington for a peace summit. Nick is no more than a few days in on his mission that he is smack in the middle of a cat and mouse game that can only turn deadly…Welcome to the gloomy side of Special Operations.

My thoughts:

In his plot the author shares his military knowledge at great length, explaining in minutia every action, tactics, types of ammunition, etc. Some may find this interesting although I did for most part, I thought this was overly stretched enough to have hindered the pacing making this story not as exciting and far less captivating. If I ever wanted to evade surveillance, track someone or ever extract an individual this book provided all the information needed. If you like a plot which is heart stopping with violence and has a lot of insanely scenes and even dubious one, you are well served here. But if you expect great characterization, you will miss out. The players IMO have flat personalities and their actions are not particularly credible especially towards the conclusion. But again this is a fiction meant for entertainment and it does so in many ways. I particularly love the first person narration and Mr. McNab uses it perfectly with all the characteristics we expect from a macho operative…

Good book although not my favourite in this series so far.

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