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Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Vows to Kill", by Mark Capell

Right from the start this thriller had me hooked. It provided one of those exciting plot that teases you on the first page, grabs you in the intensity of its suspense and never lets go till all the pieces are neatly wrapped. Based during the 6 weeks leading up to the wedding it is a race to see who wants the protagonist (Lee Eyre) dead. The pacing is non-stop and lets you ponder while the story moves on. At no point during the book was I able to guess the outcome and was rather baffled by the discovery at the end.

This is an intricate layered story which interweaves a myriad of characters' lives. We follow a police officer, his fiancé, his ex-wife, his co-workers and some shady characters. Each adding their touch to the puzzle, a puzzle that kept on getting better and better as it was pieced together. "Vows to Kill" is a wonderful crime novel with skittish romance that is quite entertaining.

The premise of the book is the following:

Lee Eyre is a detective who receives an email saying: "I will kill you on your wedding day". Is this a joke or a threat? Lee is about to marry Lucy but has avoided telling her about his past, a past stuff with nightmares. Lee's approach has been to bury and pretending the events never happened. He now must investigate a crime that hasn't happened yet...his own murder......

"Vows to Kill" was my first experience reading this author and it was an excellent one.

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