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Friday, August 17, 2012

"10th Anniversary", by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Book 10, in the Women’s Murder Club series

This is the typical James Patterson style: short chapters, fast-paced and an uncomplicated storyline with loveable and well-known characters. Everyone must be familiar with the Women’s Murder Club by now and thank goodness Mr. Patterson spares us the details in each member’s past just to make up pages.

As always in this series the unrelenting friendship of the four women and the support they offer each other through thick and thin plays a very important part in creating the atmosphere. This latest installment has three overlaying themes entertaining us with a combination of mystery, romance and suspense.

In the opening chapters Detective Lindsay finally ties the knot with her long time love, freelancer Joe Molinari, but the honeymoon is short lived. A work assignment involving a missing baby who seems to be part of a child trafficking scheme soon occupies her full attention. To complicate matters, the teen mother continually tries to derail the investigation by lying and concealing the truth.

Assistant District Attorney, Yuki, also has her hands full with a high profile case with many levels of intrigue, a case she must win at any cost.  The romantic side of her life adds a little spice to the story she is now dating Lindsay’s boss, I wonder how this is going to fly, will there be friction…..

Reporter Cindy while on assignment for her newspaper investigating a series of assaults also finds herself in hot water. While digging up the details she gets too close to the heart of the matter and also becomes a target of the serial rapist. Her relationship with Lindsay’s partner is still as strong as ever and sure to be milked in further installments.

Medical Examiner, Claire, has her hands full with her newborn and in this mystery she plays a very small part but I am sure she will be back in tip top shape soon.

If you follow the exploits of the girls I think you will enjoy this one. I consider Mr. Patterson’s style as mystery light, a soft read and a change in pace from hard core mysteries. 

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