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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Alpha", by Greg Rucka

This novel is a fantastic start to a new series, a lean and mean thriller featuring protagonist Jonathan “Jad” Bel, a former master sergeant in the U.S. Army’s Delta Force counterterrorism unit and now employed as a lead undercover security officer at an amusement park. Rumour has it terrorists with nuclear capability are plotting to target Wilsonville, a theme park in Southern California similar to Disneyland. 

The story is tight, the action is well written, fast paced and it all takes place in a single day. The author has created another impressing line of riveting and sympathetic action heroes and villains and in the first chapters he brings us up to speed on each one of their personalities, their skills and their objectives in life. 

The action kicks into high gear when a group of well-trained, highly motivated terrorists infiltrate the park and take as many hostages as possible including Jad’s family who happen to be in attendance. After sealing off all escape routes, they demand all terrorists be released from custody and if their objectives are not met they want the world to witness the power and hatred they have against fellow man. A bloodbath on global TV is sure to follow…..

When the fireworks start we see how Jad, with his military wits and intense training, plays with the minds of the terrorists and how he processes threat by threat. On the other side, the terrorists have a seemingly endless list of gruesome counter tactics; they are so well prepared they even have a sleeper agent, Gabriel feeding them with information. 

Mr. Rucka’s attention to details is as well developed as his imagination. The story is a little farfetched but cram packed with a lot of action that will please some but not all. The novel ends with Jad a hero on his way to recovery, ready to kick ass wherever he is needed.

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