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Friday, May 11, 2012

"The Emperor's Tomb", by Steve Berry

Book 6, in the Cotton Malone series

The author has penned books dealing with many different countries and themes in his series, fans have been taken on escapades to France, the Sinai, Italy and Antarctica. This latest political thriller dispatched Cotton Malone, ex-Magellan Billet agent for the first time to the Far East, to the heart of the incredibly vast country of China. The novel is filled with historical information around Qin Shi Huang, China's First Emperor and the numerous innovations and accomplishments that have long been overshadowed because of the country's isolation and the tendency of one dynasty to eradicate all vestiges of the previous one. "The Emperor's Tomb" has resurrected within its story line the eunuchs and giving them an active part and a most predominant role. I must not forget it also touches on China's history on child trafficking and a most fascinating side-bar on fossil fuels.

Cotton's life is shattered when he opens an anonymous Web address and sees his long-time friend Cassiopeia being torture at the hands of a mysterious man who has one single demand: he wants the artifact he believes Cassiopeia gave him for safe keeping. However there is a big problem, he has no ideas what he is talking about nor has he any such item in his possession. But his skills as an agent and his curiosity kick in and his determination eventually takes him to China to rescue his friend.

After many harrowing escapes and being deeply involved in a titanic struggle for the leadership of the People's Republic of China, Cotton's quest to save his friend deeply changes their relationship for ever.....however not all those involved escape unscathed....

The "Emperor's Tomb" is an adventure that flows seamlessly and keeps a steady pace throughout. In a note at the end of the book the author has clarified the fine line between where he took his inspiration and in which sections the factual events are located. A cast of charismatic characters takes us on quite a trip into history and of course Steve Berry has spiced it up with his own twists.

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