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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Hell's Corner", by David Baldacci

Book 5, in the Camel Club series

At first glance the sheer size of this book could be quite intimidating, its paperback version holds over 650 pages, enough to scare away some but definitely not the die-hard fans like myself. 

The story opens with Stone contemplating his next covert assignment while walking through Lafayette Park near the White House, suddenly machine gun fire fills the air and a bomb detonates narrowly missing the motorcade of the U.S. president and Britain's prime minister. Fearing the attack may be a botched assassination attempt, the authorities in charge quickly reassess Stone’s mission, the overwhelming importance of what has just transpired has him assigned to assist British agent Mary Chapman of MI-6 to flush out the terrorists and their motives. You can always be sure that whatever Stone is involved his buddies at the Camel Club are never far behind…..

The mystery moves through Washington's halls of power and eventually to the Bronx and on to Murder Mountain, West Virginia. Stone and his cohorts are faced with “nanobot” technology and the unknown magnitude biological weapons can have on a populated area. A Turkish professor supposedly on the trail of Osama bin Laden and a beautiful lobbyist who uses her assets to the max adds flair and intrigue to mystery, danger and excitement lurks at every corner…..

Baldacci’s forte is his skill at tight plotting, it rattles along at a great pace with many twists and red-herrings, the short chapters act like a pace maker in overdrive. The action is quite intense from the start. The story line is a blast from start to finish it is not a fluffy read or a mystery that we can predict each move in advance. Mr. Baldacci continues to develop the well-known members of The Camel Club and has provided new characters which enhance tenfold the read, we will no doubt see them return in the future. This fifth installment provides enough background information to be read and enjoyed on its own.

“Hell’s Corner” is highly entertaining and one of my favourites, a definite plus to the series.

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